McAfee Preinstall tool is very useful tool for McAfee users as it is used to automatically remove the temp files and cookies from your system. Although, it is not necessary to run it but it becomes really useful if you are getting issues while installing McAfee antivirus. Most of the times people are unable to install the software due to lack of space and this tool will help in making space by removing unwanted temporary files.

This tool even deletes McAfee cookies so that you can easily login into your account and you don’t get any glitch while downloading the software. You must download and run McAfee Pre-install tool to prepare your system for McAfee software. Let us see how you can do it.


• Download the Pre-Install Toll from McAfee Website.

• Now click the “Pre-Install_Tool.exe” file.

• Now follow the prompts to complete the process.

• Read the warning message and click Ok if you agree.

• Click ok and then Close.

• Restart your computer.

You will definitely find this tool easy to use, helpful and I would classify it as “highly recommended”. To know more about this tool or any other McAfee software please call us on McAfee Phone Number UK.

McAfee Support Phone Number UK (0808-281-8685)
McAfee Support Phone Number UK (0808-281-8685)

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